Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Am I ?

Who are they 
and what do they seek?
Why do they cry and smile 
one in place of the the other?
How do they forget 
their vile that brews 
foul beneath the skin?
They step over the other 
and never wince.
With a devils sneer 
they move and win.
Can you not see them,
or can they not see me?
A question that sometimes drives me hazy,
am I or are the others crazy?

Monday, July 13, 2015


Am I to be somehow this way,
or am I to be free and someother way.
Am I a tethered kite and better this way,
or am I to be a bird that leaps and flies away.
Am I a worm that gets to the ocean only if as a bait,
or am I to be the fish that falls prey, to the former bait.
Are somehow this way and some other way
in some way the same anyway?

Monday, December 02, 2013


Someday it will rain,
forcing this pain- all down the little nooks and drains,
split it to infinite drops that can not be put back.

Someday there will be light,
shining on my darkest dreams.
These tears will catch fire and crumble
and fierce winds will blow them away- from my sight .

Somewhere in the world
I will find a place,
that will deliver me to peace.
I will be untouched
 by your cold indifference.

 someday I will be lost,
amidst the echoes of this silence
these that reverb across a million miles
and it wouldn't matter to you
that i am gone!

Monday, July 15, 2013


What seemingly is my life
is an utter mess
without you.
My essence, and very existence,
-how could anything be,
without you.
How each moment, and
every little breath
as if intoxicated,
heave of you.
My strife- against this world,
my passion, and the pain I bear
belong to you;
This thirst can quench
solely by you.
My every thought
is of you.
Every moment, and
every little breath
as though addicted
heave of you.
Am I anything but you?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

yesterday's ghosts

Lores spoken in whimsical prairies
by the dark cold walls in fragrant breaths
of incandescent thoughts sifting thin air
clenching at souls that remained
with will of stone, penance for curse of death
they swept through cadavers empty and abysses alike
wishing for just a minuscule of time
to at-least once feel, as they did before.